Expeditions in cold places

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Bea North South Expeditions



In 2015 I became the third youngest person to have walked to the South Pole when I trekked the last degree with a team of fifteen people. This expedition had many experiences and significant highs and lows, including experiencing temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius with the wind chill factor, one of the team members collapsing and having to be emergency air lifted out, and the joy when the other fourteen of us eventually reached the South Pole.

I raised just over £15,000 for Red Balloon as part of this expedition and helped to raise awarness about the widespread bullying problems in the UK by being part of articles from newsoutlets such as Closer magazine and the BBC.

The Arctic

In April 2017 I took part in an expedition to ski the last degree to the North Pole. We have recently confirmed that this expedition has made me the youngest British person, and youngest woman globally to have walked to both of the poles.

I am currently doing several talks to try and raise money as the fundraising for Red Balloon from this expedition hasn’t ended yet. If you would like to come to an event please contact me and we can see if anything is happening near you.

Red Balloon is a very worthy cause which rehabilitates children who have been so badly bullied that they can no longer return to school. They have changed hundreds of peoples lives who would never have been able to return to normal society otherwise. I feel that as most people will experience bullying at some point in their life time that it is a very relevant and critical problem, and if more people understood the unhappiness bullying behavior can cause then it would happen less.

I also believe that it is incredibly important for the children who have suffered extreme bullying to have the resources available to them to be rehabilitated and become part or normal society again, and that is what Red Balloon does.

If you would like to make a difference, please follow this link to give your support.

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Everyone at the South Pole!


That short person there in the red face mask and yellow jacket is me!!