And so it begins

Dates for the North Pole trip have just been finalised and sent round by Hempie! We leave the UK on the 11th of April, hoping to start walking the last degree on the 14th.

Proper preparation is starting now too. Training intensifies and I’ll be doing all the same stuff as for Antarctica last time I think, so back to spending more hours a week with my tyre than any actual person. Though it does seem to be different in some ways, less cold preparation needs to happen but I need to be physically stronger than last time.

Also now that the website is pretty much done and the fundraising page is up, its time to start trying to fund raise again! So if your reading this and would like to donate to Red Balloon, please follow this link to find out more about donating:

It’s kind of daunting now that its actually happening. Wish me luck!

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