2 percent!

dscn0282So I’m celebrating because we’ve reached %2 into my final target for fundraising. So far we have £325! Compared to the target of £15,000 that’s barely anything but its a start. And it’s going, we’re making progress!

I thought I would say here as well that the date I am leaving the UK for the North Pole is now the 2nd of April and that should be the actual finalised date now, the flights are booked. I won’t be able to update the blog from the arctic but hopefully people back in the UK will be able to for me every time they hear that we’re still alive and whether we’re making progress or not.

Definitely excited but a little apprehensive. There’s always that worry that you wont perform once you’re actually in the environment and in the team and you’ll hold every one else up. And the only way to get round that is just to train, and make sure that you won’t. Make sure you will actually cope, which is what I’m doing!

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