Training and more training

img_0522So the days are finally getting longer! Some of my training is now done in daylight, which is so nice. I’ve properly got back into training like last time now. I either run, tyre drag or climb every day, carry a 15kg bag to and from work each day (I’m slowly increasing the weight) and I feel like I’m always hungry. Until about a week ago my feet hadn’t adjusted to the increased frequency of high impact exercise and my blisters had blisters, but that has also calmed down, which is a great improvement. Now I just have gross feet, instead of gross and painful 🙂

I’m talking to people about events and sponsorship at the moment but I’ll put something up when there’s more fixed stuff about all of that. Raised over £400, which is great, but I think it’s gonna be a struggle to raise as much as last time. Going to give it a good shot though.

Of course any donations at all are appreciated so much! Donate here 

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