Raising Awareness and Positivity

So a couple of days ago Cambridge News put up an article about the trip! ITV are showing interest and will be filming soon, New Scientist should be publishing something about the trip next week and Cambridge TV have put up an interview online. It’s really daunting again that all this stuff about me and about the trip and Red Balloon is coming out, but its really good. Since the article in Cambridge News I’ve had quite a few donations, and its all raising awareness of bullying, so its had a good effect, and hopefully the other articles will have the same effect.

Training is good. And it’s so much better if its done with friends! My house mates and I spent the weekend in the lake district walking and my lovely housemate Bella comes running with me and tyre dragging every now and again. It really breaks the monotony of hours on your own in the dark. Training and winding up for the expedition has really made me appreciate my friends, I’m very lucky to have so many people who are so lovely around me. Lots of people, like Bella, have really been helping with everything, organisation and fundraising as well as training. Will definitely talk more about them in updates to come. img_1161

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