See you when we’re back….

Tomorrow morning at 9am we’re gonna be on a plane to Barneo. Either tomorrow afternoon or the morning after we’ll start the expedition. It’s actually happening!

Having spent the last few days with my fourt other team members I’ve been reminded how great they all are, we must have spent half the time so far laughing at each other. They’re such a lovely group of people. 

Throughout all the training and now the trip is actually happening I’ve been feeling so lucky for all the people I know. Everyone on this trip is amazing for so many different reasons, my lovely house mates are so fantastic and all the friends and family who have helped with this I’m really grateful for. So thank you so much to all of you!! 

Also, a good tip generally for cold places. Don’t walk 10 mins to a restaurant in -18 in jeans, you won’t be able to feel your legs afterwards. You would’ve thought Nick and I would already have known that but apparently not. 

Anyway, we’re all gonna sleep soon, big day tomorrow. Hope to speak to lots of people when we get back. 

Wish us luck xxx

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