Looking Forwards…

Nord 24

So I’ve got a little bit of an announcement to make…. since I got home we have verified that I am now the youngest British person, and youngest woman world wide to have walked to both of the poles…. not even sure what to say about that….

I’ve been back in the UK for a couple of weeks now. Strangely getting home is always the hardest part of an expedition, trying to get back into every day life. But I’m pretty much settled now, and everyone else from the team look like they are home and settled too.

Looking to the future, in September I will be starting a Biology course at university in London. And as far as expeditions go, there is actually already another one to South Georgia being planned! We are going to try and follow a route that Shackleton did, and it will be a team of 9, so far that’s pretty much all I know apart from preliminary dates. South Georgia looks amazing and I am so excited! I’ve been talking to Rune and Hempie about other possible expeditions and we’ve got lots of ideas. They are both such amazing people, Rune does all these amazing things all the time and they have both achieved so much, I’m so lucky to be able to go on expeditions with them. I’ll post updates sometimes about what is going on.

I also just want to say thank you again to all the people who’ve given money and support to Red Balloon and the expedition. You really will have changed someone life by doing that, so on behalf of all of Red Balloon, thank you.



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