I’m back! (Kinda)

Haven’t blogged or anything for ages so I’ll summarise vaguely what’s going on 🙂 A couple of months after the North Pole expedition I managed to break my ankle, then another 8 months later I developed kidney stones…. So I had to cancel the proposed solo trek across Baffin Island. Silver lining is that I had plenty of time to focus on my first year at uni! After working in a lab and cafe over the summer I went trekking in the Japanese alps which was so lovely. The mountains and forests there were nothing like anything in Europe.



In the context of expeditions, on the 30th I will be leaving to fly to Chile and from there moving onto Union Glacier to start a solo trek to the South Pole! Super excited and working to try and get prepared and on top of uni work, should be ready to go soon 🙂 My incredible little sister Mimi and dad are flying out with me to do a group trek to walk the last degree to the South Pole. She is 15 years old and walked to the North Pole when she was 14, which meannnns that she will get the world record for the youngest person to walk to both of the poles if she makes it!! I can’t say just how proud of her I am, she is such a tough person and I’m so amazed by her all the time. When Mimi arrives at the South Pole our 90 year old Grandmother is hopefully going to be there to meet her with our mum. Meaning that there will be three generations and 75 years between the oldest and youngest person at the South Pole, which I think it pretty cool.


In day to day life, my new flat mates and I have all moved into our new flat together which is amazing! And I’m just getting on with my degree as much as I can. My brother and his girlfriend got engaged!! And are getting married in a years time! They seem so happy together and the whole family are so happy Dan proposed! Welcome to the family Caroline!!!


There isn’t a big fundraising project going on for this trek, but hopefully the plan is for the next one to be fundraising for Red Balloon again. Another thing on my to do list is to update this website…

Thanks for reading!!

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