North Pole photos to come soon!

South Pole Expedition 2015

DSCN0319 copy-2.jpg

Trekking with the south pole base in the distance

DSCN0256 copy-2.jpg

SUR_3400 copy-2.jpg

The team at the south pole 17/12/2015

SUR_3493_web copy-2.jpgDSC_4199 copy-2.jpgDSC_4196 copy-2.jpgDSCN0463 copy-2.jpgDSCN0298 copy 2-2.jpg

Alex demonstrating how to use the toilet

SUR_2994_web copy-2.jpgP1000334 copy-2.jpgIMG_2835 copy-2.jpgDSC00752 copy-2.jpgP1000690 copy-2.jpgP1000357 copy-2.jpgIMG_6731 copy-2.jpgSUR_2994_web copy-2.jpgIMG_0333.jpgDSC00789 copy-2.jpg

DSC00866 copy-2.jpg

The post marking the geographical south pole