North Pole Expedition 2017

In April 2017 four other people and I walked the last degree to the North Pole. I did this expedition to raise awareness of the problem of bullying in UK schools and to raise money for a charity which helps to counter this problem, Red Balloon.

The expedition involved dragging all of our equipment in sledges called pulks behind us, it took us nine days of trekking with an extra day on the ice waiting to be picked up to reach the pole.

Although the Arctic is not as cold as the Antarctic because the sea keeps it warm, it is significantly more dangerous in several other ways. Polar bears are a constant threat and the ice is not entirely stable and solid, meaning that walking on thin ice is a risk, and you can come across patches of open water that cannot be crossed and therefore have to be walked around. The shifting sheets of Ice also push against one another and form large pressure ridges that have to be climbed over.

The team members are:

Expedition Leader – Rune Gjeldnes

Rune is amongst many things an amazing and very experienced polar region explorer, speed flier and a friend.

He was joint expedition leader with David Hempleman-Adams on the Antarctic expedition in 2015, and was the person to invite me to join the expedition to the North Pole.

Rune Gjeldnes

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Andy McNab

Acclaimed author, ex-SAS member and now explorer. Andy McNab is one of the toughest people I have ever met and was also on the South Pole expedition with me and Rune.

Andy McNab

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Nick Webb

Currently a tank commander in the British Army. Nick had walked to the North Pole before as past of the Mamont Cup race, which his team won. As well as having been on several other expeditions. Very funny and positive all the time, as well a being really capable in this enviroment.

David Henry

Is a large part of organising the expedition, he was on the South Pole Expedition and organised a large part of that too. A lovely person and extremely capable.

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